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Updated: 05-16-2017 02:45 AM
Updated:05-16-2017 02:45 AM
Created:05-16-2017 02:45 AM
Web-Browser V2 (StrangeBrowser)
Version: 0.1
by: 7three [More]
Web-Browser V2 (StrangeBrowser, 0.1) by 7three (ign Yosupai)
Side note: I recently rejoined tsw and noticed the obsolete ingame browser. So I wondered me why nobody made a mod for that and decided to make my own.
Copy content of .zip file to "\The Secret World\Data\Gui\Customized\Flash\"

Delete "WebBrowser.swf" and folder "strangeBrowser" from "\The Secret World\Data\Gui\Customized\Flash\"
Please note that strangeBrowser.swf do not have any visible content. It's just a "pipeline" to store config settings.
What's new:
- Various little changes (like text selecting in the adress bar)
- Save Position, Size and Toggle (also when enter a new zone)
- Simple Bookmarks
- Set/Save Startpage
- Keep Browser History alive (also when enter a new zone)
- Zoom mode (experimental - maybe useful to view a small-sized homepage like wikipedia)

1: Toggle settings (click again to return to the webpage, mouse wheel to scroll)
2: Toggle zoom (click again to return to normal view)
3:*Open your Startpage
4: Go to bookmarks* (click again to return to the webpage, mouse wheel to scroll) - click a url to open it
5: Toggle visibilty of content. Maybe handy if you are running arround.

Hope it work as good as it do on my pc...
Why "Strange"?
Because it's strange that nobody did a mod for this so far. I think it's a handy tool instead of alt + tab.
And also the strange guy who made the source file (sorry for that :P)
gl & hf
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