Pushing some updates
By: Vaasref - 05-30-2015 04:28 AM
Greetings users.

I didn't even know you were still here. I thought my addon was outdated and stooped working. But someone pointed to me that I was wrong, that it was still working as the days of it's last update and that you users was still using it.

I as quite amazed, but that was also meaning something : I had no reason to drop my addon, because I did have to adapt it for a new software, there were no big steps.

So I decided to push some updates.

By: Vaasref - 11-11-2013 07:36 AM
Since the original GHOST is a pain in the ass to use and mine is built to be better. I decided to override the original one with a console based interface.

When you will use it with a computer it will disable the command and will use the same command than the original interface.
However I'll add a command which will be use to save the log of the session in a file.

When you are not using the GHOST shell with a computer it will be possible to use few commands such as :
- list : to list all the files
- open : to open files in the right program (for now only in notepad)
- share : to share it via chat
- delete : to delete file
- calc : to open the calculator
- execute : to execute the file as a sequence of commands (won't be here at release)

The GHOST shell will take place in a separated window. So it will be possible to use other GHOST program at the same time.

For it first release it won't be "stand alone" the GHOST window will have to be opened to open the GHOST Shell one.

Restarting the machine
By: Vaasref - 10-31-2013 03:58 PM
After some holydays I'll now continue updating my addon.

Since the last update I have lost the sources of the addon so I lost also my dev version.
But I decompilated the addon, cleaned the new sources, secure it into a git repo and I can now work on it.

I will for the future try to update GHOST at least 1 time per month.

I'm now doing a feature I name "remote action". It's a chat based way to share thing (for now only text and a secret stuff) and making an other GHOST do thing.

This feature due to chat limitation can't do things automatically the user must accept any action on his GHOST.

I'll swim at 42
By: Vaasref - 07-12-2013 02:48 AM
For four weeks now I'll go to the 42's "swimming pool".

42 is a new kind of school, free, and very different than usual french computer school. We won't have any teacher and we will just program project to learn to do them.

But the problem is the "swimming pool" it's a intense test during 4 weeks at 15 hour per day of work every days. So I probably won't be able to do GHOST things during this 4 weeks.

I need you, gratitude is my fuel
By: Vaasref - 07-09-2013 04:26 AM
When I see here or on Curse that my work is appreciated, and even better when you, users you comment and get involved in my work, I just feel super enthusiastic and overcome the few drop of morale and laziness.

A simple comment boost me for hours or days. And after one I almost release something. I always have some little features fully done or just a little buggy, but with time I get demotivated by the magnitude of the task and development hindrance.

So don't hesitate and comment my work and post bug tickets.

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