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Kittryn's Authentic Cursors
Version: 1.0
by: kittryn [More]
What I first noticed while playing TSW was that youre in this awesome game with these high tech gadgets and intricate puzzles and yet the cursors are regular computer cursor. Every time I looked at them it reminded me it was a just a game. So I made my own that look just as intricate as the game should be.

Unzip the folder
copy mousepointers

go to your Secret World Directory folder, go into Data, Gui. Now you can either use the custom make a folder that says gfx and and paste it there or you can go into default, gfx and paste it there. The pathing will look somkething like this.

Default folder : C:\Program Files (x86)\Funcom\The Secret World\Data\Gui\Default\gfx

Custom Folder: C:\Program Files (x86)\Funcom\The Secret World\Data\Gui\Custom\gfx

Every time there is an update you may have to re-install this folder again, some patches reset the cursors.

Feel free to edit them, add on, whatever you desire. If you don't like one of the cursors just delete them from the folder before moving to the new directory.

I don't have the default pictures for the cursors so they look a little funny as uploaded images.
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