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[Script] Blueprints + Info
Version: 1.0
by: Caillend [More]
[Script] Blueprints + Info

! Overwrites the [Script] "Crafting Blueprints" Script !

Gives you a list with the current "Blueprints" when you type /crafting in the chat.
Click the link to get the popup and enjoy the script.

This is another version that i want seperate from the Original "[Script] "Crafting Blueprints"" because it uses 2 Files and adds an information script that explains what QL disassembles into what material, shows how to upgrade materials and what material you need to craft a specific Quality.


- Download
- Extract the files from the EN folder to "\The Secret World\Scripts" (If the folder "Scripts" doesn't exist, create it)
- enter /crafting into the chat and click the new link
- enjoy

Currently it's only in english, but it works with the german client also.

For the french client: open the files with a texteditor and change the "/text" to "/texte" and save it --- it seems that this is the only problem with the french version of the game.

Bug Reports: HERE
Feature Request: HERE
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Originally Posted by Amon Lau
It's pretty good!
Had no issues with it~
Thank you for the feedback, if you encounter any issues - PM me here or on the offical forum or use the Bug Report on my Author Portal :
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Amon Lau

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It's pretty good!
Had no issues with it~
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