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Mercinova's CastBars v3.0.0
Version: 3.2.2-b
by: Mercinova [More]
Mercinova's CastBars v3.0.0

It may seem like I'm jumping ahead while moving
backward with this release, but v3.0.0 was requested.

3.0.0 uses 1.0.0 Base Graphix...
...and 2.0.0 Style DodgeBar (Inward Filling from Both Ends).

The Bar Positions are Center Positioned Above and Between
the PlayerInfo/TargetInfo & ActionBars.

Current Version:

Font set to Standard Font.

Archived Versions:
v3.2.2-a - Font set to Cheezy Zombie Movie Font.

The positions are optimized for 1680x1050...
but they should be ok for 1920x1080.
My In-Game UI Scale is 80%...

If you see a need for corrections, Please post a request...


Just extract the zip file and copy the .swf files to...
/The Secret World/Data/Gui/Customized/Flash
...and reload your UI ( /reloadui )...

If you decide that you no longer want the mod...simply delete the files
( DodgeBar.swf - PlayerCastBar.swf - TargetCastBar.swf )
from the ../Customized/Flash folder and reload your UI...


*** WARNING ***
This Work Around requires making changes to the Default UI Files.
Proceed with Caution and At Your Own Risk.

First...Exit TSW Completely.
Make a backup of the 3 Corresponding
Original .swf files located in...
/The Secret World/Data/Gui/Default/Flash
...Next, Extract the MOD Zip and copy the .swf files into the above folder.

Restart TSW and Enjoy!
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Unread 07-31-2012, 12:20 AM  
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In the Works...

Fostot: I'm working on my own CastBar Manager, but you're right...it is proving to be quite an undertaking. I'm having to rely on trial & error and stumbling on functionality by luck, as I have very little working knowledge of ActionScript. I've learned how to manipulate the bars (i.e. move, scale, rotate, etc...), but I'm having difficulty making the changes persistent through UI reloads. Once I figure that part out, it will only be a matter of putting it all together.
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Unread 07-30-2012, 10:12 AM  

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Re: You're Very Welcome...and YES!

With that in mind, I would really love to see a combined addon with a config panel like Viper's Relocator with the ability to A) move the bars around and B) choose the different styles and C) choose the different fonts. I know that may be quite an undertaking and we would certainly love you lots for it. I'm sure this is just a hobby but I certainly would be willing to donate a bit for it!
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Unread 07-22-2012, 10:38 AM  
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You're Very Welcome...and YES!

3.2.2 was a request to keep the CastBars' Design more in tune with the Original UI and Set the Bar Positions more Inward.

Yes! It is possible to make the bars movable.

Grab Viper's CastBar Relocator!! It does an AWESOME job of doing just that and works well with Mercinova's CastBars.

I suggest setting the Text Y-Offsets to -140 & -124 for the PlayerCastBar & TargetCastBar respectively.

With Viper's CastBar Relocator available, I no longer see a need to issue different versions of Mercinova's CastBars for the soul purpose of Positional Changes.

I don't fully comprehend ActionScript yet and only have an Intermediate Understanding of LuaScripting from my time creating personal mods for EverQuest to share with my friends. So, this feature is a ways off from being implemented into my mods.

Thanks to Viper's HardWork and Working Knowledge of ActionScript, I can devote my time to designing different castbars instead.


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Unread 07-21-2012, 02:18 PM  

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thanks for the work on this aspect of the skin

is it possible to make the cast bars moveable rather than static?
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