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Originally Posted by Zagadka View Post
By "Menu Bar" I mean the strip up top with the Menu and compass. I'm not conversant in Flash, but from what I've seen this should be doable.

Essentially, at 1680x1050, that is a lot of wasted blank space. My imagining is simply moving some of the more used items from the Menu into that space, similar to this (quick hack job)


The compass can be moved (I dunno why it isn't attached to the map by default) and more entries added, or the entries can be reduced down to their icons, or even something more dynamic like having the icons and have their text expand when you mouseover.

Whatever, I'm sure you get the idea. That bar, judging from previous games with UI mods, will probably be used for lots of things (number of items in inventory, amount of credits and tokens, etc etc)

I'd like to do something with that as well.

Like that one wow addon that adds a bar to the top.

Id like to be able to add:

Add currency tracker for all currency ( there isnt alot )

Number of people online in cabal and when you click a drop down menu of members comes down organized by rank in either a color system or a symbol representing there rank or number.

The same thing for friends but instead of being sorted automatically let me sort it as well as change the color and/or add a symbol.

Timer for fusang quests. ( Maybe this is possible now)

My mind could run wild with this but i think these are the best ones.
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