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Issue #13: Trail of Shadows Game Update 1.13 patch notes, 17 Dec 2015


The Orochi tower may have been conquered, but Kaidanís survivors still need your aid. In Issue #13: Trail of Shadows, new missions await from your favorite characters, including Harumi & Yuichi, Ricky Pagan, and more!

Introducing Gifting from the Item Store! For the first time ever, you can send select items to agents on your friends list. If you have any questions about gifting, please visit this thread.

Happy Holidays & New Year from Funcom!

Update 1.13 Update Notes:

  • Doctor Caligari no longer sells blue surgical gloves. Instead, he now sells black and white surgical gloves at the same price.
  • Mrs. Knickknack now sells pink and teal surgical gloves.
  • Mr. and Mrs. Knickknack have now set up shop in New York and Seoul.
  • The holiday vendor has also moved, and now resides near Mr. and Mrs. Knickknack in each hub.
  • Sprint icons have been updated.
  • Scorched Desert - Mortars now show the correct 5m radius preview when targeting.
  • Scorched Desert - Mortars no longer damage unintended targets.
  • Computer interface will now return to the top of an entry whenever a new entry is selected.
  • Fixed a case where lines of text on computer displays could be cut off when scrolling.
Source and full patch notes.
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