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Originally Posted by pinstripesc View Post
By white I'm guessing we're referring to General/faction channels?

I went through and commented what is what for what I could find -

<!-- Cabal/Officer chat -->
<HTMLColor name="ctch_clan_name" color="0x1edd1d" />
<HTMLColor name="ctch_clan_text" color="0x1edd1d" />

<!-- Emotes -->
<HTMLColor name="ctch_emote_name" color="gray" />
<HTMLColor name="ctch_emote_text" color="gray" />

<!-- Say -->
<HTMLColor name="ctch_vicinity_name" color="standard_bright" />
<HTMLColor name="ctch_vicinity_text" color="standard_bright" />

<!-- Shouts -->
<HTMLColor name="ctch_shout_name" color="white" />
<HTMLColor name="ctch_shout_text" color="white" />

<!-- Group chat -->
<HTMLColor name="ctch_team_name" color="0x6ea0ff" />
<HTMLColor name="ctch_team_text" color="0x6ea0ff" />

<!-- Tells -->
<HTMLColor name="ctch_tell_name" color="gold" />
<HTMLColor name="ctch_tell_text" color="0xce6bce" />

Both General and Faction seem to fall under "standard", so if you change that at the top you'll get different colours, but it's also going to change the colour of your settings menu text, buttons, etc, and obviously you can't differentiate General from your Faction channel.
And as far as we know is there anyway to classify tgeneral and faction as chat channels?
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