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Specifying Co-ordinators OR making default elements movable

Hey guys,

I'm used to XML & a bit of lua, but flash? Ugh.

The ONLY thing I want to be able to is MOVE some of the parts of my UI! Target window, resource windows, etc. I thought this would be easy, but I cant find any x/y co-ords to modify.

So I went through the whole Unreal SDK thing thinking I could just bust open the files change a flag to "moveable" or something and be done. Nope.

What's the EASIEST way to be able to either:

A) Allow a specific element to be moveable and saveable; or
B) specify the X,Y co-ords of an element to place it on my screen?

I've used the debug UI thing, but yeah - that's not actually saving/changing anything, its just temporarily moving them - a debug tool, not an authoring tool.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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