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Chat channel colors.

Basically what ive been trying to do is simple: Change the chat channels individual colors to anything but white.

The only place i was able to get any result from was "C:\Program Files (x86)\Funcom\The Secret World\Data\Gui\Default\TextColors.xml"

I was able to change the underlined part here to change the /say channels color.

<HTMLColor name="ctch_vicinity_name"    color="standard_bright" />
    <HTMLColor name="ctch_vicinity_text"    color="standard_bright" />
"ctch_vicinity_name" Is the nametag so you can have what they say one color while there name is another.

From what i read it should change just like aoc ( i didnt play it but ive read alot about its ui modding)

I think my problem is i need to maybe try defining the color at the top of the document then i can put

<HTMLColor name="ctch_vicinity_text"    color="peach" />
instead of

<HTMLColor name="ctch_vicinity_text"    color="0xFFCCCC" />
Ill try that now. Also i would realy appreciate it if anyone reading this goes to this file and see if they can change anything.
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