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Originally Posted by kenze View Post
if TSW is anything like AoC youll need to copy that TextColors.xml from default, make you changes then copy it into the Customized folder. Also there is a number at the top of the xml that will likely change after every big patch that youll need to update with the number from the same xml in the default folder.

someone made a chat color editer thingy for AoC it may even work for TSW, not sure. but its here http://aoc.curseforge.com/addons/pro...r-editor-v0-2/
I did infact download install and try that. Id have to decompile it and change it to recognize tsw and i doubt it would even change anything.

Originally Posted by Worsh View Post
The chat doesn't seem to be controlled by the GUI either, there's no code for it (other than sticking stuff into the input control), and nothing appears in the debug window for it.

We may be stuck with whatever FC give us with the chat I'm afraid.
Thank you for looking.

Originally Posted by kenze View Post
I played around and figured out how to change the font size but i cant get the text colors to change.

Hmm could you perhaps give us the location of the files you were able to modify to change font size? No offense intended but maybe someone knows something we dont.
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