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UI Screenshot Gallery

What is this thread for?
This thread will serve as a gallery of UI layouts. If someone needs an idea for their UI, this is a place they can look to for inspiration.

What kind of screenshots can I post here?
Anything that is in a "finished" (or finished enough - ie, "show off") state can be posted here. Feel free to post more than one screenshot - idle, combat, raid, etc. Also feel free to attach the screenshots to your post if you do not have an imageshack or similar hosting account.

If you want/need feedback on your UI, or wish to post snippets of UI elements you are working on (ie, unit frames, custom art, etc.), there is a DIFFERENT THREAD for this. You may also post these questions in our Layout Help/Support forum, if you wish to have your own thread for feedback.

What if I want to give feedback or ask a question on a UI in this thread?
At the top-right of every post in every thread is the post number. This gives you a link to that specific post. Once you have the link for the post as reference, there are three ways you can go about this.
  1. Send the author of the UI a Private Message.
  2. Create a post in our UI Feedback thread.
  3. Create a thread in our Layout Help/Support forum.
Anything posted in this thread that doesn't belong will either be moved to the UI Feedback thread or deleted. Exception: if you wish to make a quick little comment about one of the UIs above yours - when posting your own UI screenshots - you may do so in the same post.

What should I include with my UI screenshot(s)?
If you like, you may include a list of some of the addons you used and any other information you have so that anyone viewing the thread will know how you obtained the look. Other comments about your UI (such as class or role, functionality, etc.) are also welcome.

Welcome to our new gallery!
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