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How to modify some of your chat colors

As requested, I've posted my original post from TSW forums to here, I've also appended a follow up post that while not currently useful, may help someone stumble onto something that I couldn't figure out yet.


I thought I'd write up a quick little info bit on how to change your chat colors since it's not particularly obvious.

First: locate the "gui" folder in your Secret World install directory.

Should be located in a folder something like:

c:\program files(x86)\The Secret World\Data\Gui\
There are two folders you will then be working with "default" and "customized"

go to the "default" folder, and copy the file called "TextColors.xml" to the "Customized" folder (also off the root of the "Gui" folder)

The above step is important as you shouldn't be directly modifying the default files in case you screw it up

The area you are going to be concerned with is anything between:

<!-- "Magic" HTML colors used for the various chat groups -->


<!-- Colors for different factions -->

to change a color you want, "Say"/"Vicinity" for instance find the entry in the list
there are usually 2 entries, one for the "channel prefix" and one for the "font color"

<HTMLColor name="ctch_vicinity_name" color="0xfabd78" />
<HTMLColor name="ctch_vicinity_text" color="0xfabd78" />

keep the 0x portion and change the last 6 digits to an html compliant color of your choosing. You can use a site like colorpicker.com to help select a color you like.

So far I haven't found a way to change Faction Chat colors

but some of the other settings are:

ctch_vicinity = say/vicinity

ctch_team = group

ctch_whisper = whisper

ctch_tell = tell (don't know what the difference is, but there are two entries, and they do have different colors if you set them)

the rest can be figured out with a little trial and error. You can edit the file while the game is running and then use /reloadui to update the colors you've changed.

End of currently useful information


I went digging through some other files, and I'd like to think I'm making progress on the faction part, but still no luck.

It seems that faction public groupchat is referred to in another file.

In that file the factions are identified by ID #, as well as Dimension # and a third id that I can't figure out.

for instance if you are in Dragon on Arcadia, the other file refers to it as:

groupchat_Faction_F1_D3_3001 (the 3001 is in my case, you might have another number). I've tried using many combinations of that ID in the textcolors.xml file but with no luck so far. I have a feeling that it's currently a default, and if we knew the right keyname we would be able to change it. PS I checked Templar and they are F2, which makes Illuminati either F0 or F3 depending on how they went with that.

At this time I still haven't figured out how to modify Faction colors but I'm still looking from time to time. The channel names from the paragraph above, don't seem to have any direct correlation on the textcolors.xml settings, but that could just be because I haven't hit the right combination yet. (it seems that the variable isn't exactly the same when used in chat colors vs channels subscribed to)

Hope this helps.

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