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Running code in-game

Recently had TSW gifted to me from a friend and I'm finding the game alot of fun (a bit like an mmo Half Life as far as art / story / environment goes)

Naturally ( ) I quickly found some things I would like to improve and since I have some experience modding other games and with software development in general I looked at what the game offers in terms of user addons.

I have my development environment setup and the basics figured to the point of being able to get simple "hello world" type flash mods in the game for testing.

What I'd like to ask if any TSW mod authors are still hanging around this site is:
  1. Is there a way to run ActionScript2 code in game and have it output to console / chat or other text outlets (like the FiFo)
    Maybe a stub addon of some kind?
    As an example in games using Lua for user customization (I've created addons for WoW, RIFT and FireFall) there are usually addons that let you run Lua snippets using the game API, in-game and observe the results.
    Is such possible in TSW or is the development cycle strictly "code blind, then publish to swf in the Customized folder + reload"?
  2. Generally speaking what kind of functionality is exposed to flash mods (is there another kind of mods?)
    For example are game options accessible / changeable by mods?
    Stuff you'd find with /setoption [tab] I mean.
    Examples: Camera zoom / position? (within the hardcoded limits I'm not looking for 'extend zoom' functionality), Nametag visibility etc.
  3. Can the built-in debug tools get passed parameters, any kind of interactivity with the tool?
That's what comes to mind sofar, thanks for any answers (even if it's "things don't work like that")

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I'll use this second post to fill in any partial or full answers I manage to figure out myself, still appreciate any input though

1. /aseval "expression"
seems to fit the bill for running actionscript in game and getting back chat output.
Edit: Dead end. Seems /aseval has been broken by Funcom for a while.
Reference: http://forums.thesecretworld.com/showthread.php?t=76869

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I always set the mode to 2.

With enough digging in the GUI code it is possible to do most things. Ctrl+Shift+F2 will open the debug window.
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